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December 7th, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

oh man what a hectic past couple of weeks its been

i started running again .. OH DANG.. lol
at least i dont have to worry about getting big anymore.

i didnt do so hot on my report card and then kept it from my mom and gave it to her as i was getting outta the car on saturday.. so yea that didnt go over very well.. i just have to get a progress report thing filled out and im officially ungrounded even though i ungrounded myself...

this weekend was fun though .. friday.
i went over to kaysies and we were going to play kidnapped.
well that didnt work out because no one showed up .. so kaysie, katie, amber, raz, and i went to the bowling alley for a bit and then went back to kaysies house and me and amber spent the night.

the next day i got up and went home for a while and rested and got ready and then went back to kaysies house.. and kaysie amanda and i went to a party.
yea they made me get out and stand by the ditch so that kaysie wouldnt back into it.. that wasnt so smart.. i almost fell into the ditch which made amanda spit her food out she was laughing so hard... the party was fun.. then after we came home and tryed figuring out a number and called like fifty million and we all were wrong .. so then we talked to dakota and barrett on the phone for awhile and then went to bed.

sunday sucked i was really sick with my allergies..
monday school was awful
then a bunch of us went to the pinconning game..
yea that was NOT fun.. i seriously had an awful time
i got ignored the whole game soo yea .. oH well

then the rest of the week ive been kinda sick..
it sucks.. im almost all the way better though ..
so leave me some plans for this weekend?? lol

Seriously though someone answer me is it just me or is our school freezing this week?

<3 KalynnRenee


November 17th, 2005
[ mood | hopeful ]

so its been a while since i updated this thing...

latly i have been so busy.. its crazy ..
i thought that over the summer i was busy but now that school has started i barely ever have a spare moment...
like today after school i went with kaysie morand and katie pagent to meijers and got highlighting stuff.. and then we went to taco bell.. <3 then we went back to kaysies house and highlighted my hair
it turned out really good... they arent very noticable i think they look pretty natural which was what i was going for ... so im excited..
then we went to the play at school.. it wasnt that good so we left early..

this whole weekend is going to be crazy ... i cant wait ..
im going to get to hang out with all my girls .. <3 lol

well other than that cross country is over.. THANK GOD..
there were a lot of fun times though .. like camp ..
and a whole bunch of other stuff.. im so sad that jackie and jenny are graduating... its going to be so wierd without them .. this year i got so close to them and everyone else...

ill update later with pictures of my hair and from cross country

Comment babes!


August 2nd, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

i havent updated in like FOREVER!

not much is new ... i leave for camp on monday
im excited doing alot of shopping to make sure i have all the running stuff ill need

i finished up with drivers training and now i have my permit =0
i know thats a really scary thing

i just got over being sick ... major bummer
not much else has happened

went to rosies house a couple of days ago
my lover and i went for a 13 mile bike ride er so the other day
and then we decided to go visit chris lutz at the community center
it was fun we went down the water slide and i went off the diving board i was pretty proud of myself

thats about it

PICTURES babeCollapse )


July 14th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

i know that none of you really care but oh well here i go..

tuesday was pretty interesting...
i woke up and got ready went to drivers training..
then i came home and ate and went for my run
then i went swimming and chilled... you know .. lol
so i got done swimming and someone lol i wont be telling the name of the person in this whole thing lol i like my privacy sometimes lol well someone called me and we decided to go to a movie ... we went and saw bewitched
def. a good movie ... i mean it has will ferell in it so it has to be good! lol
then after that we decided to go for a walk down at the park
it was pretty sweet.. <3
im pretty bummed that they are moving though :(

then on wednesday
i woke up and got ready then jackie and kate picked me up and we went to weightlifting and then to go for a run .. the run part sucked
then i had drivers training :( im getting so sick of it .. its the most boring thing on earth...
then madison came over and we swam and had pizza and then we went back for our drive and then i came home and went to the mall with my mom real quick
then i went over to kates house and me kate jackie and jenny chilled and watched hide and seek ... that movie is f'ing demented.. i hate it!!!
then we drove jenny home and we used the clown horn thing on people it was fun..
then we came back and went to sleep

then today i woke up and jackie and kate took me home and i went to drivers training again :(
after that i came home and rested for the race
then at like 5 i left and went and registered for the cornfest race
it was way too hot to be out there running i died and didnt get a very good time...
yea and now im home just chillin

comments? lol


July 11th, 2005
[ mood | thinking about the race ]

well its been a long time since i updated so im going to go back to like last sunday ill try to make it as short as i can

i had taylor, rosie, kate ,paul, and kelsey over before the fireworks .. we just chilled for a while and then we went down to the fair. talked to people and then watched the fireworks then we some people came back to my house .. we took pictures and dressed up funny . then kate and paul left and taylor and rosie spent the night.. we went to a party down the road and then went back to my house and went swimming at like 2 in the morning it was so much fun..
oh yea lysol!!! lol i think you know what im talking about if you were there. :)

i dont really remember anything about monday

i started drivers training ..! lol i suck at driving .. me and madison are taking it together but its a pretty sweet class . we have graham tricia tom brian and kris in there..

i had drivers training i dont remember anything else

i had cross country practise and then i went to drivers training and then to my grandmas house to clean.. and then i went to a baseball game with kate and jackie .. it was pretty fun .. only i saw monica there ugh!

i went to drivers training and then came home ... sat around and had a lazy day then went for a run

i went to drivers training again and then went and got new running shoes .. I love my RUNNING SHOES! <3 they are awesome and then came home and went shopping with rosie and francie and then came home and went for my run and chilled ..

i woke up and ran and then went with my mom to see my grandma in the hospitol and then decided to go with my dad up north dirt bike riding it was pretty sweet

well today i woke up and went for my run and then went to drivers training.. and then got home and got ready and went out with my mom to look for some new running shorts and sports bras! <3 lol i love new running stuff
then i went to auburn and helped set up for the cornfest.
it was some hard work
theres a new kid running cross country his name is zach he seems pretty cool
but yea thats it

i understand if you didnt read all of this .lol

is it just me or do you miss
seeing all of your friends at school?



July 2nd, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

wow busy couple of days

lots of cleaning involved but then again some fun things too

i went to a relay for life car wash ...
it was so cold i thought i was going to freeze to death.
i showed up in my bathing suit a cami and some shorts and it def. was not enough clothes..
it was fun though we were holding the signs on the corner and me,elle, and ashley were going absolutly crazy with the honk if you hate cancer sign!
then i left and did some cleaning and then went to kates house with rosie ..
it was awesome i miss hanging out with those two...
we made an attempt at having me finish watching napoleon dynamite but i really dont like that movie

i went for my run and then i started cleaning right away
then i had my room almost all the way clean and then i got ready and went out to eat with my mom and brother.. then i came back and i made plans with kelsey to go to the fair ...
it was kinda fun i saw a ton of people there .. we hung out with katelyn and emily. it was awesome
now im home and doing this ..

i have a question what is your favorite thing about summer?

APRIL! we need to hang out CALL ME!



June 30th, 2005
[ mood | sore from lifting weights :( ]

hmm been kinda boring latly

ive had to do alot of work around my house :(
major bummer there

then today i went to a baseball game with kate and rosie
it was fun really hot but fun
i got stung by a bee...
i REALLY hate bees ... if i could i would kill all bees in the world
who needs them???
this is the 6th time ive gotten stung this month def. not cool..

but anyways im excited for tomorrow .
im going to a car wash for relay for life so you people best be coming to it :D
and then i might be going over to kates house

ill update about it tomorrow !



June 25th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

hmm this summer has started to get interesting...

ive actually been leaving my house laytly even though my mom has gotten to her bitchiest EVER.
I'm really sick of her making me do like all the work around my house ... like her and my brother dont live here ugh!

but yea ..heres what ive been upto laytly
on wednesday i went shopping with kate and rosie ...i got this really cute tank top from hollister its like bright blue and has gold sequins on it
i also got some super cute flip flops.
then on thursday i went to rosies house and spent the night... we went out wading in the creek and there were a ton of waterdandys(kate lmao) i thought i was going to cry... and then i tripped and fell all the way in and got really muddy and soaked..i was mad about that one .. then we made shirts for the relay for life car wash the next day. i got to hang out with the gorgous april townsend! :)
then on friday me and rosie woke up and went to the car wash i had to wake up at 7:30!! thats the earliest yet this summer.
but yea michaela and i kept getting really rude people yeling stuff at us so we decided to stop holding the signs and to go in and wash cars ...
just in case any of you seen me out there with the signs .. i know i looked like SHIT! lol
then after that i got ready and went to kates house then kate rosie kelsey and i went to the st stans fair ..
it was quite fun even though april couldnt come :(
i loved the gravitron... ROARRR ... IM GOING CRAAZZYYY lmao fun times
then we went on the ferris wheel and the guy was like making fun of me because i was really hyper
Kelsey i have one word SCRAMBLER! lmao i think you know what im talking about.

Yea thats what ive been upto!:):D

i also started running but i have to go to a doctor because my knee is really messed up right now .



June 21st, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

hmm ill update about anything fun thats happened latly because i feel like it!

so on sunday i went to owasso er something with my mom and dad and then to the beach .. i realized that there are alot of FAT people out there that wear like lil skimpy bathing suits thinking they look hot when really they look disgusting .... someone needs to tell them that they look nasty! and soon so that other people dont have to see all the rolls and butt cheecks..

anyways.. then on monday i decided to go dirtbike riding with my dad ..
it was so much fun until i stopped paying attention and went around a turn in 4th gear going like really super fast and i lost control .. forgot where the break was and how to use it lol ( i was panicked) and then ran into a tree face first..
it happens.. lol

then today i woke up and went to the doctors because my mom is a dork and thought i was hurt bad and it was just a badly bruised nose and a minor cuncussion ... so then i came home and talked to kate on the phone for like 2 hours .. i seriously miss her!
lol then i planned something with maggie and rosie
we decided to go bowling and it was fun
we came up with VERY cool nicknames .. boob, yeild sign, and McGee.
fun times

we were bowling so wierd and then we had a serious discussion!
i love my girls and i seriously dont know where i would be without them

hopefully the drama will be gone next year and we can all have fun!




June 16th, 2005
new journal

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